Welcome to my restaurant, The Good Wolf kitchen & bar. Don’t let the tables cloths scare you... we are not pretentious or unapproachable. Instead, you’ll find we are what we say we are: first and foremost, a neighbourhood bistro. 
Our heart and soul is European, and we draw inspiration from the cuisines of the world and all the great dishes we've discovered from our travels. Of course, being on the West Coast, we naturally source local ingredients as much as possible. So, I invite you to come and pull up a seat, be it a chair or a bar stool, and stay awhile... discover our food, prepared by my talented kitchen team; sample our vast selection of cocktails or check out our wine list where you'll find BC and international wines; and soak in the warm and welcoming atmosphere. We just know you'll come back again and again! ...about those table cloths? I just happen to like them.